Dear Faithful and Friends of Holy Trinity.

As we are noticing, a surge of COVID 19 seems to have gained strength in our area. There have been no new Diocesan Directives or Local Government Directives asking or requiring us to change our behavior at the parish in any way.

We will continue at our parish as we have been fortunate and blessed to do so this year. We are not re-introducing old protocols or changing in anyway the rhythm of life at our parish. Should circumstances worsen, we will certainly assess our protocols and make sensible adjustments.

But I would like to encourage us to do the following:

** Please practice social distancing during Vespers and Liturgy. Keep your family unit together and do your very best to maintain the 6 foot rule.

**Social distance especially during the following times:
When lined up to receive the Eucharist.**

**At the Zapivka table after we’ve received the Eucharist.

**When coming forward for the final liturgical act of venerating the cross before returning to our homes.

**If you are not feeling well or experiencing symptoms common to COVID, PLEASE stay home and rest and be at peace.

Thank you and please let me or any member of our parish council know if you have any questions or concerns.

In Christ
Father Nicholas

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