Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!
Dear Faithful and Friends,
Christ is Risen!! Indeed He is Risen!! 
Thankfully, we are now able to make long-awaited concrete steps toward bringing our parish life back to full functioning. Archbishop Mark and the CDC have opened pathways for us to begin moving out of our pandemic conditions and toward normal functioning. Care and caution are still very necessary and patience as well ... as we work together to navigate through, at times, this confusing time of transition. Here's what we are doing at Holy Trinity:

Mask wearing continues to be encouraged while in liturgical services but no longer required.
As the Liturgical Celebrant of the parish, I will continue to wear a mask during Church services until greater clarity and practice within our local community is achieved.
Those who choose not to wear a mask should be fully vaccinated but should also expect not to be challenged or questioned about their choice.

All visible signs and indicators of the COVID-19 pandemic, including the roped off pews, are removed from the parish. The need to social distance, as we are all accustomed to, continues to be important and expected.
We will return to fellowship hour following the Sunday Divine Liturgy for those ready to do so. This Sunday, we will have a simple fellowship hour of coffee, tea, and bagels.
Sign-up for Sunday Liturgy is no longer required.
We will return to the use of the communion cloth for communing the faithful. Mouths, however, will not be wiped as is the usual custom.
Our community has done exceptionally well during this trying time. I am proud of the cooperation and sacrifices we have made to work together and continue on through changes and adjustments. We are now at another transition point. We will go forward carefully and slowly. May our efforts be blessed.

New gutters were installed on the Church this week and the landscapers laid down fresh mulch for the summer. It's up to us now, to attend to the many weeds that will fight through the mulch.

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