Christmas Week Schedule

Christmas Week Schedule
Dear Faithful and Friends, 
This Sunday is the Sunday before the Feast of the Lord's Nativity in the Flesh.  As we enter this great feast of the Church, our focus is gratitude ... not for the abundant material gifts delivered by Amazon.  Our gratitude is carefully and firmly aimed at the wonder of God's divine love and compassion.  In His goodness, He has joined our fallen nature to His divine nature.  In His compassionate mercy, He condescended to our lowliness.  For our sakes, He has taken the form of a servant.  This is the Feast and we celebrate it by gift giving, decorating, song, festal tables, alms-giving, family zoom gatherings, and good cheer.  

Our parish celebrates with many festal worship services.  Our upcoming schedule is as follows:

Saturday Vespers - 4:00 pm (live-streamed)
Sunday Divine Liturgy - 9:30 am (live-streamed)

Tuesday - 4:00 pm Prefeast Vespers and Compline
Wednesday  - 4:00 pm Prefeast Vespers and Compline

Thursday ....  Christmas Eve Vigil (Matins & Compline) 7:00 pm (live-streamed)

Friday .... Feast of the our Lord's Nativity Divine Liturgy 9:30 am (live-streamed) sign-up for this                      liturgy will be sent out next week

Saturday .... Synaxis of the Theotokos Divine Liturgy 9:30 am sign-up for this liturgy will be sent                      out next week

Saturday Vespers - 4:00 pm (live-streamed)
Sunday Divine Liturgy - 9:30 am (live-streamed) sign-up for this liturgy will be sent out next week


A few things:

1. Our parish is selling face masks with our Holy Trinity logo imprinted on them.  They are black/grey and burgundy/gold.  Along with our grocery cards, they are on sell in the fellowship hall following Divine Liturgy.  The masks are $10.00 each.

2. If you are not coming to church but would like to use our grocery cards for your Christmas grocery shopping .... and/or would like to purchase our Holy Trinity masks, please email me.  I will mail these things to you.

3. Please remember, if you are able, to complete your 2020 financial pledge to the parish and consider an end-of-the-year financial offering to help balance our budget.

Please use the sign-up sheet if you plan to come to Divine Liturgy this Sunday ... December 20th.  Our Sunday Liturgies are limited to 50 people.

Father Nicholas

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  • MAY 15, Sat:   Saturday Vespers In Person & via YouTube  6:30 PM
  • MAY 16, Sun:   Sunday of Myrrh Bearing Women Divine Liturgy In Person & Via YouTube  9:30 AM
  • MAY 18, Tue:   Daily Vespers  4:00 PM

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