Pandemic 2020 Special Offering

Pandemic 2020 Special Offering

Dear Faithful & Friends

Stewarding the financial offerings given to our parish is a joyful responsibility of our Parish Council. Each month, the Parish Council reviews our budget and evaluates our financial health. This responsibility has become significantly more important during this global pandemic.

In April of this year, our Parish Council applied for and received a $19,000 loan from the CARES Act Payroll Protection Program. In October, that loan was completely 'forgiven'. The purpose of that forgiven loan was to cover the payroll while our parish was closed and slowly reopening. We are very grateful to have received that loan and to have been 'forgiven' ... meaning our parish does not need to repay it.

As we draw near to the end of this strangest of years and reflect on the uncertainties and hardships faced by us all, the Parish Council needs to reach out to our faithful with a request. This request comes from the desire to be good and faithful stewards of our parish life and ensure the ongoing financial health of our community.

The pandemic of 2020 has resulted in less income coming into the parish. This is most noticeable in three areas: Sunday offerings, candle donations, and fundraisers ... such as perogie sales. In order to ensure that we end 2020 with a good and balanced budget, all our invited to make a special one-time donation to the parish before the close of the year. Let this one-time gift be sacrificial and express our faithfulness to God and gratitude for the ongoing life of the Church admits the turmoil of our day.

If you would like to make this one-time offering through our online giving service, a special fund named "Pandemic Parish Offering" has been set up. You can designate your offering to go to that fund.

To give, visit our parish website and use the green donate button. The gift can easily and directly go from your account to our parish account. Setting this up is very easy. Again, use the "Pandemic. Parish Offering." to make this special offering.

To give from your phone, download the GivePlus mobile app, find our parish by entering the zip code or 'Stroudsburg' in the search bar, and set up you donation.

You can also give through a text message. Text 833.308.0703 and follow the instructions.

Or simply write out a check and put "Pandemic Parish Offering" in the memo line.

COVID-19 has caused disruption to all of our lives. That disruption is now felt in concrete ways at our parish. Together, we can easily overcome that disruption by making this end-of-the-year sacrificial donation. I would encourage each of us to take seriously this request of the parish council. It is an invitation to put our faith into action ... an action of faith in God in these uncertain times.

In Christ,
Father Nicholas

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