Parishioner Survey

Parishioner Survey

Dear Faithful and Friends.

A few tasks this week. Please answer the three survey questions (via email or phone) below about a book study at Holy Trinity, a Church School event on Saturday, December 12th, and the possibility of scheduling a weekday liturgy to help with the social distancing on Sundays. Your feedback is appreciated and helpful.

A word of thanks to all who have kept up with their financial pledge and support to our parish during these strange months. Without your financial giving our parish would not be able to continue through this pandemic. Your offerings have been gratefully received and helped our parish thrive in these difficult circumstances. Thank you!

Please use the sign-up at the bottom of this email if you plan to attend the Divine Liturgy this Sunday.

In Christ,
Father Nicholas

I am interested in joining a book study at Holy Trinity:   
        1. Not interested at this time     
        2. Yes, but only by Zoom
        3. Yes, either by Zoom or in Person
I am interested in a Church School event on Saturday, December 12th for ages 4-12
        1. Yes, tell me more
        2. Not Applicable

In order to help Holy Trinity maintain proper social distancing on Sundays, I would attend a Divine Liturgy during the week if it were offered.
        1.  Yes
        2.  No, I can only attend on Sundays

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