Feast of Pentecost Divine Liturgy

Feast of Pentecost Divine Liturgy
Dear Faithful!
This Sunday is the Feast of Pentecost ... our parish feast day. The Feast of Pentecost is the celebration by the Church of the coming of the Holy Spirit as the end—the achievement and fulfillment—of the entire history of salvation. For the same reason, however, it is also the celebration of the beginning: it is the “birthday” of the Church as the presence among us of the Holy Spirit, of the new life in Christ, of grace, knowledge, adoption to God and holiness. On our parish feast day, we will joyfully receive into the Church Bill Pierro who has been worshipping with us for over a year. What a blessing to receive Bill on the feast marking the very beginning of the Church in the world.

Our Parish continues to gradually reopen. We will celebrate Vespers on Saturday evening at 6:30 pm and the Divine Liturgy on Sunday at 9:30. Following the Divine Liturgy, we will transition to the kneeling prayers of Pentecost. Unfortunately, we cannot host a fellowship hour yet.

And we still are not able to open our doors fully and are limited to having 25 people at the Sunday Liturgy. Please do not come to Divine Liturgy on this Sunday if you have not received my 'okay' to attend. You can call me (570) 350 1482 or email me at hteoc@ptd.net if you would like to attend.

I look forward to seeing everyone at Church eventually as we slowly ease back into our worship. Please be patient so that we can move ahead with decency and good order.

Our services are live-streamed on our YouTube channel: HolyTrinityPoconos

In Christ.
Father Nicholas

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  • MAY 16, Sun:   Sunday of Myrrh Bearing Women Divine Liturgy In Person & Via YouTube  9:30 AM
  • MAY 18, Tue:   Daily Vespers  4:00 PM

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