Auxiliary Meeting @ Coffee Hour

Auxiliary Meeting @ Coffee Hour
There will be an Auxiliary Meeting this Sunday, July 2nd during Coffee Hour to discuss, among other things, a plan to organize a “Parish Revitalization Program/Retreat” as part of Fr. Nicholas’ sabbatical renewal/revitalization leave. Also, Chris is planning a hip replacement surgery soon and will not be able to continue with the following until she has fully recuperated (approx. 2 months):
1. Bookstore/Gift Shop w/Kathy
2. Creating Monthly Calendar 
3. Posting Monthly Calendar, Events, News, Service Schedules, etc. to Website
3. Fresh Flowers for Church every Sunday and maintaining any plants that need watering
4. Decorating Church and Icons for Feast Days 
5. Taking Photos of Church Events & Feast Day Services & forwarding them to Chris for posting to Website & Facebook

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