Street To Feet Collection

Street To Feet Collection

Holy Trinity will be taking collections in August and September for Street 2 Feet Homeless Day Outreach Center. We have suspened the Soup Kitchen and Community Breakfast due to lack of attendance. In order to continue to serve the needy and homeless of the Stroudsburg community, we will instead be doing a food snack collection for the Street 2 Feet Outreach center.

Street 2 Feet is located on 1st Street in Stroudsburg, whose services range from showers and laundry to Case Management and much more. Homeless/needy friends and stop in to the non-profit organizatio to rest, get help and also have a snack/refreshment. Holy Trinity wil be collecting snack item supplies during the months of August and September.

Items Needed:

*packs of crackers w/peanut butter or cheese

* bottled water

* small bags of pretzels, chips, etc.

* granola/protein bars

* individual juice boxes

There are collection boxes in the church vestibule and Fellowship Hall beginning on August 15th for your donations.

Thank you and may God bless you for helping our homeless and needy neighbors. Any questions can be directed to Rebecca at

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