Pcsolyar/Solak Wedding Livestreaming on YouTube

Pcsolyar/Solak Wedding Livestreaming on YouTube

There will be two Divine Liturgies next weekend - Labor Day Weekend. The Saturday morning Liturgy (9:30 am) will be for our parish. The Sunday morning Liturgy will be for the wedding family and guests who will be in town over the weekend and attending the Liturgy.

Our reasons for having two liturgy are twofold.

First, with our social distancing disciplines at worship we would simply have too many people at Church on Sunday morning if we combined Holy Trinity parishioners and wedding guests. The Church would be full --- shoulder to shoulder.

Second, wedding guests are traveling to Stroudsburg from different counties and communities .... many from different states. Wise and prudent care of our parish community indicates we should segregate the parish and the wedding guests.

This is truly a sacrifice for many of you. It is appreciated. For Masha and I, nothing would have brought us greater joy than to have the Sunday liturgy with our parish ... and our extended family and friends. We had been looking forward to that since Emma's engagement. Alas, COVID-19 continues to be a nuisance and disruptor.

The Sunday morning Liturgy and Emma's wedding will be live streamed on our YouTube channel. The wedding stream will begin at 2:45 pm on the 6th. It gives us great joy to know that some will be able to join us 'virtually' that day.

Again, please let me know by email (hteoc@ptd.net) or phone (570.350.1482) if you plan to be at Church this Sunday morning. I hope to hear from you.

Father Nicholas

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