Live-Streaming and In-Person Services

Live-Streaming and In-Person Services

As we all have noticed on the news this week ... we are not out of the woods yet with the Corona Virus. While Pennsylvania is improving, our parish needs to continue practicing good sense and good practices. We will continue to do so. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

This weekend, we will have Vespers on Saturday evening (6:30) and Divine Liturgy on Sunday (9:30). Monday, June 29th is the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul. We will have Vespers Sunday Evening (6:30) and Divine Liturgy Monday Morning (9:30). It's anticipated the Monday Morning Liturgy will be more lightly attended. This might be a good opportunity to come to Liturgy if the Sunday crowd is too large for you. These services will be live streamed on our YouTube channel - Holy Trinity Poconos.

During these services, we will practice social distancing and wear masks. Families may cluster together keeping at least 6 feet distance from others. Our choir, with the exception of Masha, Emma, and Niko, continue to sing with masks. The Solak family sings together at the front of the Church. As such, the choir loft is empty providing more space for us to spread out.

We still will not hold our regular fellowship hour in the hall, but coffee and tea will be available outside the fellowship hall following the Divine Liturgy.

To ensure an ongoing smooth transition in our re-opening process, I would ask you to contact me if you plan to attend Divine Liturgy on Sunday. You can call or text me (570) 350 1482 or email me at if you would like to attend.

Also on Saturday morning, we will serve take-out for our monthly Community Breakfast. We will prepare and distribute 50 breakfast meals to our community. We've been doing this for May and now June and the expression of gratitude from those who receive our meals has been touching and heartwarming. Thank you to all who help with this. It's small, but meaningful and important that we do this.

If you have any questions regarding our protocols at the parish during this re-opening process, please don't hesitate to contact me or any member of our parish council. We have been careful as we've re-opened and plan to continue with common sense, caution, and kindness towards one another.

If you are unable to attend Church services at this time, please know the Church is available to you in every way. Contact me if you would like to arrange a pastoral visit or to come to the Church during the week to pray and light candles. I look forward to seeing everyone very soon.

In Christ.
Father Nicholas


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  • MAY 21, Sat:   Resurrectional Vespers  6:30 PM
  • MAY 22, Sun:   Divine Liturgy  9:30 AM

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