Trip to St. George's Orthodox Church, Taylor, PA

Trip to St. George's Orthodox Church, Taylor, PA

To Visit “The Tender Heart” myrrh-flowing, miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary. We will leave Holy Trinity @ 4:30 pm. The service to the Theotokos begins @ 6 pm and is followed by an anointing. Everyone is invited to come forward for the anointing. If the group from Holy Trinity decides, we can stop for a light dinner on our way home. See Father Nicholas if you would like to go.

Directions: Take I-80 West towards Hazelton11.29 miles - Keep right to take I-380N via EXIT 293 toward Scranton 23.61 miles - Keep left to take I-380N toward I-84 W/I-81 Scranton 4.06 miles - Keep right toward US-6 W/PA-347/Binghamton 0.43 miles - Merge onto I-81 N/Grand Army of the Republic Hwy N via the exit on the left toward Binghamton 3.93 miles -Take the US-6 S exit, EXIT 191B, toward US-11 S/Scranton Expwy 0.26 miles - Merge onto Scranton Carbondale Hwy West 0.24 miles - Keep left to take Scranton Expy S toward US-11 S 0.77 miles - Take the Keyser Ave/PA-307 N exit 0.15 miles - Keep right to take the ramp toward LACKAWANNA/COAL MINE TOUR/Taylor/Old Forge 0.03 miles Merge onto N Keyser Ave 2.94 miles 737 KEYSER AVE.

Your destination is 0.1 miles past Continental St - If you reach Prince St you've gone about 0.7 miles too far

Fr. Mark Leasure, St. George's Orthodox Church, 743-45 South Keyser Avenue, Taylor, PA 18517

Church Office - Hall: (570) 562-2090
Rectory: (570) 562-1170
email - Fr.mal at

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