Parish Council as of January 28, 2018

President:  Rebecca Boyle

Vice President: David Donlick

Secretary: Christina Whitley

Treasurer: Jennifer Mohring

Asst. Treasurer: Dorothy Strzelczyk

Council Members at Large:  Debbie Marki, Norman Stinger

Lay Delegate to the Diocesan Council Meeting: T/B/D

Lay Delegate to All-American Assemblies:  Masha Solak

Service Schedule

  • MAR 6, Sat:   Saturday Vespers via YouTube & In-Person by Invitation Only  4:00 PM
  • MAR 7, Sun:   Divine Liturgy Livestreaming and In-Person By Prior Notice Only  9:30 AM
  • MAR 9, Tue:   Daily Vespers  4:00 PM

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Upcoming Events

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