Giving Opportunity - New Priest Vestments

Giving Opportunity - New Priest Vestments

The Orthodox Church indicates specific colors for Liturgical robes, or "vestments" worn by clergy during church services throughout the year. During the Lenten period, purple vestments are worn for Lenten services. Holy Trinity is in need of new purple vestments for Father Nicholas who has worn Father Donlick’s (the first priest at Holy Trinity) vestments since Father Nicholas first came to Holy Trinity.  These vestments are now over 30 years old. 

We are offering this “Giving Opportunity” to help purchase new purple Lenten vestments. Perhaps you would like to donate or give to the Church in memory or in honor of a loved one? Donations of cash or check will now be accepted for this giving opportunity. You may send your donation to Holy Trinity or drop your donation in the collection basket in the church vestibule. Please indicate on the check/envelope that the donation is for “vestments”. 

The preferred vestments selected are pictured here and the cost is $484. These vestments are simple and very reasonably priced, as many sell for well over $1000.  All donations are gratefully accepted.   

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