Greetings from Guatemala!

Greetings from Guatemala!

Greetings from the mountains of Guatemala! I am continuing to work here with the thousands of Mayan indigenous people who have converted to Orthodoxy. God willing, I plan to stay in Guatemala until at least 2019. This year I have been teaching many groups of people: I prepare courses for our five Guatemalan seminarians at the St. Andrew Seminary; I give workshops at our retreat center for the lay parish leaders from across Guatemala; and I travel (often in the back of pickup trucks!) to give talks in our far-flung parishes. Can you imagine if your trip to the Divine Liturgy required traveling three hours in a pickup truck over unpaved mountain roads? Many people here go to such great lengths to participate in church services because of their love for Christ.

I saw this love in a special way on Holy Friday as I watched twenty Mayan girls participate in Holy Week as myrrh bearers. They were so excited to be involved that they arrived an hour early with flowers in hand! As they circled around the tomb, showering flowers upon Christ, I felt a sense of awe come over me; I could see Mary Magdalene become incarnate in the faces of these young Mayan girls. Glory to God!

I am so grateful for your prayers and financial support as I continue here. You are the ones who make it possible for me to serve among these beautiful people. Thank you!

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