Presentation of Our Lord in The Temple - Blessing of Candles

Presentation of Our Lord in The Temple - Blessing of Candles

On the feast of the Presentation of the Our Lord in the Temple (Feb. 2) it is customary to bless candles at the end of Divine Liturgy. You are encouraged to bring candles from home for blessing. Candles also to be used in your icon corners, but also those candles give warmth to the family table, as well as those kept on hand to provide safety when the electric lights go out. Fr. John McGuckin writes in his Prayer Book of the Early Christians: "When Christians pray, from time immemorial they have lit candles. The candle is a sign of the fire of the Holy Spirit. Their cheerful radiance (especially if at the time of prayer one dims the lights a little) becomes a little sacrament of the resurrection grace of Christ. The flame also serves to remind us of how pure and heartfelt our prayer is meant to be, even if, at times, we are praying in a doldrum and may hardly feel any grace at all. The candle reminds us that Christ and his Holy Spirit pray in and through us, unfailingly. They see the heart's intent and always draw close in time of prayer. Their prayer (in us, through us, over us) is never dim, always luminous."

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