House Blessings Begin Friday, January 6th and continues through February!

House Blessings Begin Friday, January 6th and continues through February!

House Blessing: The Purpose - The blessing of homes is a custom of special beauty and significance. We ask Christ to bless and enter into our homes and our lives. We ask Him to be with us, as we desire to be with Him. We ask that by the sprinkling of blessed water, the Holy Spirit renew us, our families and our lives in our homes. As Christ brought salvation to the house of Zacchaeus; we ask for the same for all dwelling in our homes.

House Blessing: The Order - The house being cleaned and ready, we dress in an honorable manner (as we would for church). When the priest arrives, we greet him at the door, having turned off any radio, TV, or other noise based element. Animals that may cause disruption should be placed out of the way. On a small table before icons, a small but wide-mouthed bowl full of newly blessed water is placed. Together with a list of names of those who reside in the home, a lighted candle and censor (if you have one) are also placed on the table. These items are arranged prior to the arrival of the priest. At the beginning of the service for the blessing of the home, a family member leads the priest throughout the home, carrying the lighted candle. The rest of the household follows and then returns to the table for the final prayer and blessing with water upon those present.

If you would like to have your house blessed, please contact Father Nicholas to set up a time. He will be blessing homes well into February. Please call 570.421.4455, or email Father at:

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